SHINKO GYORUI LIMITED is a Seafood Products Wholesale company in Kobe, established in 1948 having a business backbone in Taiyo Fishery Co, Ltd. (current MARUHA NICHIRO CORPORATION), wholesale section , which had started in 1946, when was the following year of the World War II ended.

We supply our clients and customers with high quality seafood products provided from all over Japan as well as all around of the world through wholesale markets in Central Kobe, Eastern Kobe, Akashi-city.

We are a member of MARUHA NICHIRO GROUP.
As a member, we strictly comply with our group philosophy “The Maruha Nichiro Group aims to contribute to the betterment of people’s daily lives, through providing wholesome, safe, and healthy food with sincerity and integrity.”

Based on this group vision, SHINKO GYORUI LIMITED pushes forward with its work to supply daily fresh food stably in fair price and contribute to the people’s fulfilling lives. Under this motto, we are making every effort to achieve our goal and which eventually leads to our company’s development.

Japan is a world major maritime nation. It is in 6th ranking in the world for its wide territorial sea including EEZ and its long coastline. And Hyogo Prefecture , where our company is in, faces both the Inland Sea(Seto-Sea) and the Japan-Sea where we can catch various kinds of rich and delicious seafood.

Taking this geographical advantage, we, as a professional seafood supplier, will contribute to enrich the food culture in this area with our long-term experience and wide range of knowledge.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to your co-operation and look forward to your continuous support in the future.

Thank you very much.



EstablishedApril 12, 1948
Capital100 Million yen
PresidentShigeo Sekiya
Sales Results34,500 Million yen (March / The fiscal year ending of 2020)
Employees97 People
Business ContentsSales of fresh and/or frozen fish, Marine products, Salted & Dried Seafoods, etc.
OfficesHead Office, Kobe Eastern Branch, Akashi Branch
Subsidiary CompanyShinyo Reito Co., Ltd. (Capital 70 Million yen)
Purchase fromThe major marine products companies such as Maruha Nichiro Corp., Fishery Cooperatives and Federations of Fishery Cooperatives of each Pref., Business Companies, Products Processors, Trading Companies exporting marine products to South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia etc.
(More than 2,000 Companies in total)
CustomersWholesalers in Kobe Central Wholesale Market/Kobe Eastern Wholesale Market/Akashi Wholesale Market, General Wholesalers, Marine Products Processors, etc. (More than 1,000 Companies in total)
BanksSumitomo-Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd., The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd., The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
ISO CertificationGained in OCT. 16, 2017
Scope: Consigning and Wholesale of Fishery Products and Processed Fishery Products.


1948Apr.SHINKO GYORUI LIMITED was founded affiliated to Kobe wholesale section of parent organization, Taiyo Fisheries Ltd.(current Maruha-Nichiro Corp.) by obtaining the registration permitted by the Official Wholesale Institution in Hyogo Pref.
1950Jun.Approved as the marine products wholesaler by Hyogo prefectural governor with the enforcement of Central Wholesale Market regulations.
1956 Jun.Approved as the marine products wholesaler permitted by MAFF.
Dec.Kirito Cold Storage was built in Hyogo ward, Kobe city .
1963Mar.Approved as a wholesaler of specific foods Section in Kobe Central Wholesale Market permitted by MAFF.
1965Mar.The subsidiary, Shinyo Unyu Co., Ltd. , was established to start transport business.
1969Nov.Kobe Eastern Branch was opened as the establishment of the Kobe Eastern Public Central Wholesale Market on approved by Hyogo prefectural governor.
1971Jul.Became an MAFF approved wholesale company in Kobe Central Wholesale Market and Kobe Eastern Market with the enforcement of Wholesale market regulations.
1973Mar.Fukae Cold Storage was built in Higashinada ward, Kobe city.
1977Apr.Akashi Branch was opened as the establishment of the Akashi Public Local Wholesale Market on approved by Hyogo prefectural governor.
1982Oct.Merged Shinyo Co., Ltd. into us for expanding the sales section.
1991Mar.The subsidiary, Shinyo Reito Co., Ltd. , was established. The Kirito Cold Storage was closed.
Apr.The business of the Fukae Cold Storage was transferred to Shinyo Reito Co., Ltd.
1992Apr.Started Real Estate Rental Business utilizing the former Kirito Cold Storage site.
Shinyo Unyu Co., Ltd. was renamed as Minato Co., Ltd. and specialized in processing and sales of Marine Products.
1994Aug.Listed on the “Optional 2nd section” of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1996Jan.Recognized to be listed on “2nd section” of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1998Apr.Fukae Processing and Freezing Plant was built in Higashinada ward, Kobe city and was rent to subsidiary companies.
Nov.Subsidiarized Amagasaki Suisan Ichiba Co., Ltd. who was a wholesaler in Amagasaki public wholesale market.
2004Apr.Minato Co., Ltd. was closed.
2006Jul.Delisted and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Maruha Nichiro Group (current Maruha Nichiro Corp.) .
The new Kirito company dormitory for unmarried employees was built.
2007Jan.Amagasaki Branch was opened by merging the Amagasaki Suisan Co., Ltd.
2015Nov.Started the fresh fish processing at the processing plant in Kobe Central Wholesale Market.
2017Sep.Amagasaki Branch was closed.